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Massage tables, innovative furniture for Spas

A manufacture combining design, comfort and technicality


Our line of furniture is manufactured and developed by professionals of luxury furniture, spa and industrial design.

We attach particular importance to the nobility of the materials used, the attention to detail and finishes; essential criteria of French luxury.

We use several types of woods, mattress foams of great quality and comfort.

Our manufacturing method combines an industrial design with a manual finishing, not to say craft, which makes each piece a unique object.

Our furniture and massage tables can be adapted to your needs.


Design for an affordable budget


High quality requirement, even in the design designed for professionals.

Models that adapt to the ambiances of cabins and relaxation areas.

Series models with several options.

Customized products and private collection.


Comfort for the client and his practitioner


Products designed for maximum comfort, for both the customer and the professional.

Design of a unique headrest for its mattress. This is an integrated face cavity, in which the client can rest the head without pressure on the frontal area, allowing absolute relaxation of the cervical.

Different types of mattresses, comfort high resistance to the diffusion of heat by IRL (infra red long), favorable to the relaxation of the body as a whole.

The relaxing effects of the soft, penetrating heat of the long infrared system built into our mattress are immediately felt. The action of long infra red is beneficial in the sense that it triggers a metabolic stimulation resulting in:

-the improvement of cellular exchanges

-tissue re oxygenation

We have also designed our tables so that the comfort of the mattress can evolve over time. They are therefore completely independent and removable.

This allows us to offer our customers professional of the well-being, technically scalable equipment (memory mattress, heating infrared long) to adapt to the evolution of their economic activity and the needs of its customers.

The use of our furniture is of great comfort from an operational point of view for the care operator, by its dimensions, its ease of reception and ease of maintenance.


Ultra reliable modern technology


Tables of indisputable stability, with several settings options (height and areas).

Ultra-strong, reliable and quiet electrical equipment (remote touch control).

From heat diffusion through a high performance IRL system.

The nobility of materials

The wood

The care of the detail

Manual work

The work of the wood

A synergy between the work of the machines and that of the man

The care of the details

The manual work