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CHILL OUT DESIGN EVOLUTION (C.O.D.E) is a French company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-end massage tables and customizable furniture, dedicated to the professional environment of beauty and well-being.


To counter the equipment market with its abundant supply of massage tables without traceability and regularity in its quality (mainly from Asia), Laurent MALBERT created the company CODE 15 years ago to respond to the news trends and new needs of the moment, in the world of Spa.

CODE began its activity by designing a massage table different from what was already found in institutes and beauty centers, incorporating in its manufacture the concepts of personalization, such as: the nobility of materials, the care of the details, often manual finishing and customization.

Then to meet a growing demand, we brought together all the skills in-house, from design to marketing, through the control of its manufacture. Thus, we guarantee optimal products and services.

C.O.D.E has established itself on the market of high-end Spa equipment, proposing the very first electric massage table in real wood, customizable and made to measure.

We can count on our references, important hotel groups, cosmetics brands, independent hotels, urban Spa and many private projects.

Today, our interior design department is working on the development of a “catalog collection” of massage tables of quality and finish, very identical to that of our custom-made products, extended to resting lounges for relaxation areas of swimming pools.

The nobility of the materials


The care for the details

Manual work

Working the wood

A synergy between the work of the machines and that of the man

The care for the details

Manual work