The conception of a unique offer

Individual tastes, infrastructure and budgets are different from one customer to another, even in the high-end domain. We bring you the solutions that allow the creation of a well-being space in your image?


We identified and responded to an obvious need which is the personalization and adequacy of the furniture to the space, the tastes, the budget, the specificities of each customer.

C.O.D.E has done everything to ensure that its products are aesthetically beautiful, very comfortable for the customer and well designed from an operational point of view.

Our first business being the manufacture of high-end massage tables, we meet the requirements of luxury by adapting our manufacturing method.

Since then, we have been offering our customers beautiful, innovative products that make them benefit from sustainable investment.

We have since acquired a real know-how in layout of well-being areas and a serious expertise to provide advice and follow-up at the opening of Spa.

Ultra design and comfort alliance

Table PEARL 2016

A modern and refined atmosphere

Table de massage PEARL 2016

The absolute comfort of a high quality foam mattress

Table de massage PEARL 2016

The beauty of design and the technicality of materials

Table de massage PEARL 2016