Design and manufacture of massage tables, innovative furniture for spas combining: Design, Comfort, Technicality


In order to offer high-end massage tables, we have adapted our manufacturing methods to meet the requirements of luxury.

C.O.D.E has therefore focused all its efforts to develop and maintain a Franco-European manufacturing production.

Because only the synergy between the selection of materials and the expertise of skilled workers who make the reputation of French know-how as that of our close European neighbors, allows to develop quality collections.

Our line of furniture is manufactured and developed by professionals of luxury furniture, spa and industrial design.

We attach particular importance to the nobility of the materials used, the attention to detail and finishes; essential criteria of French luxury.

We use several types of woods, mattress foams of great quality and comfort.

Our manufacturing method combines an industrial design with a manual finishing, not to say craft, which makes each piece a unique object.

Our furniture and massage tables can be adapted to your needs.